Charity / Non Profit Marketing Survey!

Non-Profit Fund Raising 
just got a LOT easier!! 

As a fund raiser for any association, a PAC member, a hockey parent, a scout leader, or church groups, you know just how difficult it can be to raise money through seemingly endless fund raising events. Referred Auto Repairs has just made your life much easier.

We will give your Charity or Non-Profit Organization 3% of any auto repair bill, from any of your members or supporters, if you book an appointment with one of the top 100's of Referred Auto Repair shops in BC. About RAR

There is no need to be selling tickets door to door, organizing bake sales, or car washes that yield little actual revenue. Instead, download and hand out the Referred Auto Repair flyer, let your members know about the service in your newsletters, and you can tap into an on-going fund-raising mechanism that will provide a stable income for years to come. The community can support your group without having to part with any more money than they would otherwise spend on fixing their vehicles.

Referred Auto Repair is here to help you get the word out to your members, and community, about how they can give support when they repair their car.

On an average, people spend about $1,200 per year on car repairs. By working with RAR, your group will earn an average of $15 every time one of your members or supporters get their cars serviced. If there are 1000 members in your association, and they used our Referred Auto Repairs Shops, that could be $36,000 to your local hockey association or Scout troop without even telling your broader support group in the community.

How it works: Your association registers with us and promises to inform your members about the new fund raising service. Your group then receives a payment each month based on the commissions of all auto repairs done by your members.
The parents and team members can now pass out or email a flyer to their friends/neighbors.This flyer points to your custom fund raising website which indicates that our supporting repair shops will make a donation from their bill.
It could not be simpler for your members or supporters to help you: 
  1. They pick any auto-repair shop in the Referred Auto Repair network by going to the web site ( or seeing a printed list in a flyer.
  2. They request an appointment with the shop of their choice on the RAR web site or go directly to the member shop of their choice with a RAR Card, or a printed coupon, while confirming the support with the shop.
  3. They get their vehicle fixed.
  4. Your organization gets paid 3% of the total repair bill at the end of the month. 
Apply now to become a fund-raising partner of Referred Auto Repair?  Click here


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