Do you trust your mechanic?

Most consumers have a fear of spending too much on their auto repairs and have a general distrust of customer service. In fact, many stories have been aired on television whereby shops have ripped the poor customer off.

We have surveyed your communities automotive shops for what repair shops have a great reputation for honesty, integrity, skills, and dedicated customer service. We now have a list of the most reputable automotive shops that are NOMINATED by their PEERS.

These are the shops that the shops refer to and trust to look after their own customers. If you have been nominated as a Most Referred Auto Repair Shop be proud as there is no higher reward than that of your peer’s nominations.

Together we can rebuild the consumers trust in the auto repair industry by utilizing the list of referred shops. This, in turn, will give the shops with the highest reputation more business.

Top Referred Shops

Most Referred Auto Repairs Specialists

Frequently Asked Questions

How to find the best repair shops?

As a vehicle owner how do you find a trusted Automotive repairs shop? Consumer polls often only represent one single service experience, yet a shop that has been in the business for 20 years may have 100's upon 100's of service experiences from their peers' shops in their market area. For example, when a shop says, "I always recommend Mark from Mark's Transmission shop or Bob from ABC Tire shop," this is 20 years of experience recommendation that you can count on. CLICK here for the consumer benefits

As a Auto Repair Shop, enlarge your network, and get more business. Over 55% of the automotive shops interviewed say they do not recommend or know of good quality shops to recommend for their customers' needs. In fact, major shops that have been in business for an average of 3 years have yet to meet even 10% of the other local repair specialists. This RAR list is now a major Business-to-Business referral network that enables you to give your customer more service with quality referrals. CLICK here for RAR Shop membership benefits

As a Charity or a Non-Profit organization, how do you raise funds today with with the current and future government cutbacks and reduced givings. With over 6,000 BC organizations in need many of our Repair shops are giving support with a donation for each approved repair. With a projected 30% participation in the province we expect to have a 19 million dollar capacity to fund the local charities. CLICK here for Charity Funding Application

How did we find the top repair shops?

We have done an extensive study throughout most major cities in the BC area to determine which shops are the most recommended for their reputation of skills, honesty, and dedicated customer service. This list is now available to you to find the most recommended service repair shop.

Isn't a Consumer Review better?

Consumer reviews are representative of the general public’s view of the shop’s competence, great coffee, a good selection of current newspapers, clean premises, friendly staff and the car wash. This view is rarely based on the customer's knowledge of the repair shop's actual repair skills, honesty or integrity. For example when the technician has your vehicle on the hoist and tells you that your $500 "do-me-hickie" is broken, what do car owners do? Most consumers will just shrug their shoulders and say, " I have to trust you, the expert, so go ahead and fix it". Little do they know that their mechanic may be on commission. Need we say more?

How do you know if your repair shop is trustworthy?

Shops that have been in the business for 10+ years have many personal experiences of fixing other shops' mistakes. They know the skills and integrity of the other shops. When negative comments are heard repeatedly about certain shops, their RAR ratings are affected.

How does this compare to the BCAA's recommended AARS list?

The big difference between the most Referred Auto Repair Shops RAR's list and the BCAA's Approved Auto Repair Service (AARS) list is the fact that RAR lets you know which shops are the most trusted by other auto shops. With RAR you can find the shops that your community prefers to use. The AARS list of shops provided by BCAA are not chosen by peer shops. An examination of the AARS list indicates that as little as 18% of the shops qualify as a RAR winner. The reason for this is probably that only a few of the most recommended top repair shops ever bother to apply for, or pay the fees to be included in, the BCAA's AARS directory. The other great thing about RAR is the ability to support the charity or fund-raising efforts of your choice every time you get your vehicle serviced. No other auto repair directory offers this.

Why Would I Join Referred Auto Repairs?

As a car owner, consumer: You can find the most trusted auto-repair shops in your community (click here), request or book a repair online or via the toll free number, receive maintenance alerts, and view your repair history online. You can also support the charity or fund-raising group of your choice by getting your car repaired by an RAR charity supporting member. Click here for the consumer benefits

As a shop owner: You will gain access to a large pipeline of new business from referrals which come from both the other shops in the RAR network as well as the many charities and fund-raising groups which are sending their members to RAR member shops. Better still, you don't have to pay any membership fees to sign up. You only pay for the new business you receive through referrals. Once you are in the RAR system you will begin to gain points to rise in the shop rankings based on how many referrals your shop receives, and the reviews customers write.

As a charity or fund-raising group: You can tap into a stable form of fund-raising by doing nothing more than encouraging your members to get their cars repaired through RAR member shops. Instead of holding car washes and bake sales, or selling raffle tickets, you can ask people in the community to support you just by getting their cars serviced through RAR, without spending any more money than they otherwise would. With the 3% donation RAR offers from the total repair bill, if just 100 people get their cars serviced your charity would make $3000 a year (assuming an average of $1000 in yearly repair work.)

How Can I Join Referred Auto Repairs?

Any repair shop can join RAR by submitting a membership application. Your ranking on the RAR directory is based on nominations from other shops and consumers.

How Easy Is It To Receive a Referral?

You receive an e-mail the moment the online work order referral is created. After opening your work order, you can choose to accept or reject it. This work order should be complete with the customer's contact information, vehicle vin number, details of the possible work required, and a suggested appointment time. You would then confirm an appointment with your new customer.

How Easy Is It To Send a Referral?

Each shop receives their own personalized website. On the website is an instant referral service writer. To send a form from your desktop can take as little as 50 seconds. You can opt to request no referral fee or a 5% referral fee.

Can Charities and Non-Profit Associations Benefit?

This is one of the many ways we support the communities. Our opt-in repair shops will provide a donation to the customer's favorite Charity or Non-Profit Association. Note: Each Charity or Non-Profit Association needs to apply to RAR to be activated for our donation program (click here for the details)

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