Businesses help fund schools & non-profits!

My name is
Bill Coughlin.

My family and I have lived in the Abbotsford, Mission and Chilliwack area for the past 35 years and I want to speak to you about
“Our School Supporters” fundi
ng program.

If you have  grandchildren or kids in school, I know you too are passionate about protecting and enhancing our educational programs; you'll agree that if we fail to invest in our school system now, we'll pay dearly for its shortcomings later.

Will our provincial government increase education budgets over the next 4-5 years? It's doubtful. In August 2009 we experienced the results of our economic downturn, general funding cuts, and we saw near 100 million dollars disappear from BC Gaming funding.

Well it's time for us to get the business community more involved in the school and community program funding.

With a little research, we found the perfect funding model. South Africa, with a GNP and land size similar to that of British Columbia.  They managed to get 2,500 businesses to rebate 3%* to thousands of schools. They did this by distributing their “MY School” supporter cards to over 600,000 parents. That school support card now earns those schools millions per month. Imagine businesses rebating to your cause by just doing normal shopping —easy support with no extra cost to the parent.

Today in 17 BC cities schools and non-profits can earn an on-going rebate from businesses each time they receive that new business.

That's why we built you an “Our School Supporters” social networking program with hundred’s of supporting businesses that make this funding easy.

Top Referred Services Cities:

Most Referred Auto Repairs Specialists


Most Consumers have a fear of spending too much on their auto repairs and have a general distrust of customer service. In fact, many stories have been aired on television whereby shops have ripped the poor customer off. The Automobile Protection Association did an undercover investigation with a specially prepared Ford Mustang that visited 37 repair shops in three Canadian cities for the correction of a simple problem of a disconnected vacuum hose. 50% of the repair shops did not pass the 45 min BASIC repair test and had average repair costs of over $200, with some over $500. For the full story click here

Case study: Myself, Bill Coughlin, the founder of RAR. A few years ago, I took my Ford passenger van into a transmission shop for servicing because the automatic transmission was slipping.  After the inspection, the technician showed me a bucket full of iron filings, told me that my transmission was shot, and that I needed a $2,200 rebuild.  I told him to top up the fluid and I would take my chances.  Well, that Ford van lasted an extra 6 years and about 70,000 more miles without a single transmission issue.  It seems most everyone has a similar story and it's these actions that have really damaged the trust in the Auto Repair world.

How to find the best repair shops?

We have surveyed your communities' automotive shops for which repair shops have a great reputation for honesty, integrity, skills, and dedicated customer service. So now we have a list of the most reputable automotive shops that are totally NOMINATED by their PEERS. (click here)

These are the automotive companies that the shops refer to for specialized services and trust to look after their own customers.

If you have been nominated as a Most Referred Auto Repairs Shop, be proud, as there is no higher reward than the nominations of your peers.
Together we can rebuild the customer's trust with this list of referred ranked shops.

Does Referred Auto Repair top list change?

The list of the top Referred changes as new reports come in. As each shop continues to receive more referrals from other shops, their ranking goes higher. Any negative reviews reduce the shop's ranking. Eventually, we will show the consumers' reviews and rankings as well, but our highest ranking value will continue to be the peer nominations. 

Why Would I Join Referred Auto Repairs?

Today, most of the RAR nominated shops currently receive an average of about 25% of their business from other shops' referrals. This business comes to them from their reputation for honesty, integrity, dedicated customer care, and skilled service.  Today, with an easier method of communicating referrals, we have assembled the top referred nominated shops in each of the 12+ categories. This group of 30 plus shops will build more relationship with you and send you more business.

We see the possibility for many more referrals from shops that did not know you and your reputation as they will now.

How Easy Is It To Receive a Referral?

You receive an e-mail the moment the online work order referral is created. After opening your work order, you can choose to accept or reject it. This work order should be complete with the customer's contact information, vehicle vin number, details of the possible work required, and a suggested appointment time.  You would then confirm an appointment with your new customer. 

How Easy Is It To Send a Referral?

Each shop receives their own personalized website. On the website is an instant referral service writer. To send a form from your desktop can take as little as 50 seconds. You can opt to request no referral fee or a 5% referral fee.

Can Charities and Non-Profits Benefit?

This is one of the many ways we support the communities. Our opt-in repair shops will provide a donation to the customer's favorite Charity or Non-Profit Association. Note: Each Charity or Non-Profit Association needs to apply to RAR to be activated for our donation program. CLICK here for Charity Funding Application

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